We are continually assessing all aspects of our operations & we are committed to producing environmentally friendly systems that help in reducing global warming and provide a positive impact on our environment.

It’s a vastly different world – It’s one we did not imagine just over a decade ago. Issues such as excess waste, higher energy usage, and depletion of raw materials, unwanted emissions and climate change are concerning all of us. Industries everywhere are being challenged to meet the new realities, the construction industry is no exception. Taking into account the principle of ecological and sustainable design objectives (ESD) SkyMax is working to ensure all our systems.

Provide the largest possible impact on reducing global warming.
We have worked on many six green star rated developments integrating our state of the art automated climate control technologies with our innovative Opening Roof Systems.

Quality isn’t just a result – its part of everything we do. The only way to ensure that global quality standards are achieved we must firstly develop & follow these processes.