Retractable Pergola Australia

The perfect finish to your deck or patio area is a retractable roof pergola. It will add an extra dimension to your outdoor choices – whether you need it for sun and rain protection or just to enjoy the luxury of choosing an open sky above you on beautiful days. Tecnic have a range of designs available that are of superior quality and finish, making your retractable pergola in Australia both durable and elegant.

Tecnic quality

When installing a retractable pergola shade from Tecnic, you can be assured of excellent craftsmanship and engineering with our Alutecnic series. Proven to withstand the harsh Australian climate, including wind speeds of up to 110km per hour, your retractable pergola canopy will remain functional and pleasing to the eye for many years to come. Working in conjunction with designers, architects, builders and developers, we can ensure the best retractable pergola canopy for your needs and aesthetics. At Tecnic, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality products and the finest craftsmanship in everything we do.

Making the great outdoors experience better

A pergola no longer needs to have a fixed roof that you swelter under as the sun heats your sheet roofing, or a slatted roof that makes it unusable in inclement weather. A retractable roof pergola gives you the ability to enjoy your outdoor area almost all year round. Our fabric roofs provide UV protection, rain protection and do not generate heat in the way permanent patio roofing can. Installing a retractable pergola in Australia means the great outdoors will be a comfortable place to enjoy and appreciate any time of the year. The convenience of being motorised and easy to operate means anyone can take advantage of this luxurious option, regardless of strength or agility.

Sleek, classic styling

Regardless of the style of your home, be it modern or traditional, our retractable pergola canopy will fit seamlessly and discretely to your outdoor area décor. We offer a range of bespoke roofing options to ensure the finished look sits beautifully with your existing patio structure. If you’re planning on building an entirely new patio, then we can also offer roofing options that are built to spec. At Tecnic, we work closely with you to ascertain your exact needs and requirements so you’re guaranteed to be pleased with the final results. Your new retractable roof pergola will not only look good but will function exactly as you desire.

You can contact us today for a quote or to discuss your options for a new retractable pergola. Our professional team of designers and technicians are available to guide you through appropriate solutions to your outdoor roofing needs and can also suggest associated accessories that will really make your outdoor area stand out from the rest.