Our Difference

We have developed four points of difference that really unifies our offering and galvanizes our advantage in the Australian market. We have based this upon the principles of innovation, craftsmanship, quality & design.

The question of whether our systems are simply functional or innovative as well are questions asked and often answered with the same response, they are both. As a company we are interested in how our systems integrate into architecture today & more importantly how they are received in the future.

Collaborating with architects and designers is an incisive part of our research and development process when working on a new system or entire range, we are very excited with what future possibilities hold.

Quality Standards

We are continually assessing all aspects of our operations & we are committed to producing environmentally friendly systems that help in reducing global warming and provide a positive impact on our environment.

Taking into account the principle of ecological and sustainable design objectives (ESD) Tecnic is working to ensure all our systems provide an impact on reducing global warming. We have worked on many six green star rated developments integrating our state of the art automated climate control technologies with our Retractable Fabric Roof Systems.

The four key principles of Innovation, Craftsmanship, Quality and Design are all interrelated. By considering each in relation to the others, we find we are able to both evolve intelligent, robust systems and challenge them by raising the possibility of other approaches relevant to the contemporary world.


Our interest in craftsmanship is a reaction to contemporary prefabrication and of natural materials to emphasis upon non-corrosive materials over ease of manufacturing & cost saving techniques.

By considering how systems and projects are put together at the start of the design process, there is opportunity to explore the potentials of diverse materials and fabrication techniques other than the obvious or expected.


Our focus upon design lies in its potentials for architectural expression and experience.

We prefer to design systems with the integrity of structure implicit. This means contemplating structure at the beginning of the design process and considering how it can solve problems, what role it might play in determining form, and how it could complete the entire experience of a well designed indoor-outdoor living environment.

The obvious applicability is the hospitality, retail precincts & shopping centre projects that we have worked on over the years, but our work has also been as informative in high-end residential, education & health type projects as well.