We have collated the below FAQ’S on the Tecnic Retractable Roofs to assist you with some of those curly questions in the early planning stages of your project. For any additional information please do not hesitate calling us on – 1300 78 28 78 or emailing us at info@tecnic.com.au

Maximum System Width:
10 Metres in width (5 metres between each support track)

Maximum System Projection:
12 Metres in Projection.

Please Note: For complete functionality & ease of maintenance we recommend to design your space with each 4-5m bay as a separate awning, our linking system ensures no water ingress between each system.

Awnings With A Front Fall (or back fall)

You will need a minimum pitch of 8 degrees.

  • This is 155mm -165mm fall per metre of your projection.
  • Example – 4m projection will be 4 x 155mm=620mm fall needed.


Awnings With A Side Fall (water running same direction as the fabric bars)

You will need a minimum pitch of 1.5 degrees.

  • This is 25mm per metre of your width.
  • Example – 4m wide will be 4 x 25mm= 100mm fall needed.

We have two options:

Option 1- The Patio & Fleetwood models are all-in one systems that both systems simply require a wall to attach the system to at the retracted end and a solid fixing point for the bases of the posts.

Option 2: The Evo model is the best suited system for larger commercial & hospitality projects and can easily be integrated with existing support frames to incorporate gutters, lighting & heating design options.

The Alutecnic Series incorporates an integrated fabric protection hood that has a slimline powder coated alumnium outer edge profile.

The Alutecnic System opens and closes automatically by way of either a 240 Volt direct-drive motor module or alternatively if the system is small it can be manually operated by way of a 5-1 gear mechanism with detachable gear handle.

The Alutecnic System can simply be operated by a wall mounted hard wired wall switch or alternately by way of hand-held remote control and or even a hand-held mobile device is optional.

If you choose to add the Alutecnic Rain Sensor the roof will automatically close when the rain starts to ensure your area stays dry all year-round.

The Alutecnic System is easily connected to your (BMS) C-Bus systems with the addition of an additional group controller.

The Alutecnic Series is ideal for coastal locations. The System is made utilizing non-corrosive materials including: 316 marine grade stainless steel runners, springs and pins, hardened nylon end plugs and powder coated extruded aluminum rafters, cross beams & brackets.

(Please refer to the user manual for general product maintenance requirements)

The Alutecnic System is manufactured utilising quality materials & finishes, it is the ideal solution for all high-end commercial & hospitality projects.

The Alutecnic Retractable Roof can be stopped in any position simply by pressing the middle button on the remote, at an intermediate position the roof will not be at full tension so it is important not leave in strong winds unless fully extended or retracted. (please note: The systems wind rating is site specific)

Fabric – Our range is from the world renowned Ferrari 502 range (French made) offering over 40 designer colours or alternately for projects that require a higher level of light select from the Soltis W96 Range.


Frame – Select from over 300 standard Dulux or Interpon powder colours or select a custom finish to ensure your architectural requirements are matched.

The Tecnic – Alutecnic Series Retractable Fabric Roof System is manufactured from high quality materials & finishes, our system has proven track record and will look & operate to it’s design intent for over 20 years of hassle free use when maintained regularly. (Refer to the product user manual)