A commercial retractable roof will turn your alfresco areas into year-round venues. With a commercial retractable roof, you’ll have the option to enjoy the freedom of open-air dining or protection from the sun or rain with just the flick of a switch. Leading the way in design, quality and innovation, we are confident that your search for a bespoke retractable roof in Australia will end with a call to us at Tecnic.

Making the most of your space

Due to the harsh Australian climate, it can be difficult to keep all areas of your business comfortable for patrons at all times of the year. This can result in unusable areas that you still need to maintain, causing unnecessary overheads. A retractable roof at your restaurant, for example, could keep your alfresco dining comfortable on the hottest of days or during rain showers, maximising the potential for income when experiencing inclement weather. Your clientele can continue enjoying ever-popular outdoor dining or drinks regardless of the seasons, maximising your ability to operate at full capacity all year round. Likewise, you and your staff can enjoy the ease of operation, allowing your outdoor area to be customised whenever necessary by simply pressing a button.

Bespoke commercial, retractable roofing in Australia

At Tecnic, we strive to achieve the highest possible standards in design, technology and installation. This is how we have been able to build a solid reputation in the commercial retractable roof market and have remained leaders in the industry for more than 20 years. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible services to businesses around Australia with our quality commercial roof products. Understanding your business needs and desired aesthetics is key to ensuring the most appropriate fabrics and materials are used. Our Alutecnic range can cover up to a massive 12-metre width by 10-metre projection, giving unhindered coverage to a large area without inconveniently placed support posts. Our fabric roof choices include an array of colours and benefits such as solar and water protection while being complemented by a sturdy frame constructed from wood, aluminium or steel. Couple this with a fixed, handheld or smartphone activated control system, and you have the ultimate practical, stylish and luxurious retractable roof in Australia.

Minimal installation downtime for your business

Our quality commitment extends to the installation of your new roof. We understand your need for minimal disruption to your business and strive to install your commercial retractable roof with as little inconvenience to you as possible. Our installers will work with you to arrange an appropriate time, be clean and efficient while ensuring their work is performed to the highest quality possible.

Contact Tecnic today to discuss your business needs. We can assure you our professional team of designers and technicians can help you achieve the ultimate outdoor venue.