Club design – planning for a multiple season experience

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When you’re planning the first or the next iteration for a hospitality or club design, you don’t want your patrons to have exactly the same experience year round.

Whilst providing a consistently great experience is good for the club’s brand, providing the same experience time after time, can get a little boring for your guests after a while. Yes, they’ll have their favourite spots, but how do you change it up every now and again in a way that surprises them?

You take advantage of the magnificent Australian climate and provide them with a seasonal experience that changes through out the year.

So how do you design a space that takes advantage of every season? And more importantly, how do you design a space that provides exactly what a patron desires on any given day.

What do you need to consider when designing a multiple season club design?
Depending on the space you’ve got, you’ll also consider the following. If the space is;

  • Too open to the environment on a miserable wet winter’s day (or your location is experiencing one of those long wet periods), it’s a huge waste of what’s likely to be expensive square meterage.
  • Too shady on a glorious Spring or Autumn day patrons might feel it’s not what they’re looking for if they don’t want to waste a magnificent day.
  • Too bright on a hot summer’s day it’s hard for patrons to remain seated in for any real length of time (read: they either migrate inside or worse, much worse, hurry themselves up and leave taking their revenue with them).

How might you create a multiple season experience?
There are a number of design elements you might consider depending on your budget – bi-fold doors to close off or open a space to the outdoors. A cheaper alternative to the bi-folds, if you still want the space to feel outdoors-y, is PVC or Sunscreen café blinds. All of which are great for opening up the walls of your space.

However if you’re really wanting to change how a space feels and change it from indoors to outdoors and back again, one of the best ways of doing that is by changing the roof.

Sure you can have shade sails or awnings for keeping the sun out, but they can get ‘drippy’ when it rains and there’s always the risk of the rain coming from the direction where everyone gets a bit wet. And the last thing a customer wants whilst being entertained in your space is to be cold and damp (see the dot point 3 – getting up and heading off).

A fully Retractable Fabric Roof option can be fully opened giving the space an airy feeling – perfect for a sunny spring/autumn day. It can be stopped in any position to provide an outdoor experience whilst giving patrons protection from the harsh sun. Plus on those miserable wet days, the roof can be completely closed, ensuring the space is watertight.

Of course, the combination of bi-folds and Retractable Fabric Roofs can also work if you want to plan your club design to maximise your guest experience options.

If you’d like to learn more about how working with a Tecnic Retractable Fabric Roof can help you achieve more flexibility for your club design, we’d be delighted to talk to you. You can call us on 1300 78 28 78 or get in touch.

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